Definition of pull someone's leg in English:

pull someone's leg

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  • Deceive someone playfully; tease someone.

    ‘getting married—are you pulling my leg?’
    • ‘They think you're pulling their leg, having a joke.’
    • ‘Ah, for God's sake, Ann, can't you see he's only pulling your leg, just winding you up, and you fell for it hook, line and sinker.’
    • ‘Someone who doesn't know anything is pulling your leg.’
    • ‘The most skeptical responses, also unsurprisingly, were in Toronto, where everyone thought I was pulling their leg.’
    • ‘When they called to tell us we'd won, I thought they were pulling my leg.’
    • ‘When Pierce called, I thought it was someone pulling my leg, but he kept talking about the book and a film and I realised I was talking to the real thing.’
    • ‘For example, when a friend who lives in England told me of a death metal band fronted by a parrot, I was inclined to suspect he was pulling my leg.’
    • ‘I thought she was pulling my leg - until he arrived on my doorstep.’
    • ‘Unless of course the guy who told me these things was pulling my leg.’
    • ‘He said friends and colleagues had pulled his leg about the attention he received as a result of the rescue.’
    tease, fool, play a trick on, make fun of, joke with, rag, chaff, twit, pull the wool over someone's eyes
    tease, rag, make fun of, chaff, trick, joke with, play a joke on, play a trick on, play a practical joke on, taunt, jest
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