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pull together

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  • Cooperate in a task or undertaking.

    ‘employees and managers began to pull together as a team’
    • ‘It was imperative that the community pulled together and co-operated in the future development of the area.’
    • ‘So much for collective responsibility, of a team and their manager pulling together at a moment of crisis.’
    • ‘Young players and weathered campaigners pulled together as a force that was more than a team.’
    • ‘I think it does show that we can get along and that we can live together and work together and pull together.’
    • ‘From sound effects, to stage management and costumes and make-up, through to directing and acting, BAD showed that they are a team that pulls together.’
    • ‘This squad undoubtedly has the talent but unless it unites and pulls together then they are wasting their time and unfortunately at the moment that's the way it appears.’
    • ‘Hopefully, with a little work, the team can pull together in the future.’
    • ‘Some dramatic events make the groups pull together as teams, and some timely remarks make them take a closer look at their lives.’
    • ‘The community has already started to pull together to support the club.’
    • ‘We will all pull together as a team and give 100 per cent commitment, that's for sure.’
    collaborate, cooperate, work together, work side by side, act together, act jointly, band together, come together, get together, join forces, team up, unite, combine, merge, amalgamate, pool resources, club together, make common cause, form an alliance
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