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  • 1An act of withdrawing troops.

    ‘forces have begun a pullback from frontline positions’
    • ‘This withdrawal followed on previous military pullbacks in the state.’
    • ‘U.S. military officials are cautiously optimistic the move will bring calm to the besieged city, but warn the pullback is not a withdrawal or retreat.’
    • ‘Coalition hard-liners have been trying to sabotage a pullback.’
    • ‘But he also wanted, according to the NYT, a pullback of US forces from the cities: ‘The occupation itself is a source of insecurity.’’
    • ‘He said yesterday the pullback would start immediately after a meeting in Damascus between the leaders of both countries to approve the withdrawal plan.’
  • 2A reduction in price or demand.

    ‘there is no sign of a consumer pullback’
    • ‘For retailers, a consumer pullback during the crucial back-to-school period could mean a very unmerry Christmas.’
    • ‘Most households, it seems, react sluggishly to the market's shifting performance, which may help explain why consumption has held up despite the pullback in stock prices.’
    • ‘A pullback in crude oil prices could spur further gains in shares, he added.’
    • ‘Investors are also increasingly looking for income/yield and despite the recent pullback, equities continue to provide little by way of dividend yield in the absence of earnings growth.’
    • ‘Paramount among those is a surprise pullback by consumers, which could send the expansion into a tailspin.’
    • ‘A dip in volatility would cause some immediate pullback in demand, analysts say.’
    • ‘Moreover, he says, ‘given the pullbacks in valuation and increased volatility, we feel this actually is an opportune time for these instruments,’ at least for companies with solid prospects.’
    • ‘So we are going to see perhaps some pullbacks on prices of gasoline and other fuels, but these are high prices.’
    • ‘Any pullback in prices should see strong support at the $575 region.’
    • ‘This is the market now and we're going to see pullbacks that are good buying opportunities followed by price rises.’
    • ‘To say the pullback offended customers and distributors would be putting it mildly.’
    • ‘During market pullbacks, watch for the ratio to meet or break 0.9.’
    • ‘That said, what you're going to start to see is a pullback in the market.’
    • ‘Then, quite suddenly last quarter, consumers posted one of their weakest performances in more than year, accentuated by a sharp pullback in June.’
    • ‘The pullback, when it comes, will be severe if accompanied by news that suggests the economy won't rebound this year.’
    • ‘Fact is, the boom in online gaming has barely been affected by the economic pullback.’
    • ‘To be sure, the recent sharp pullback in oil prices from new record highs is also the result of a quite understandable price sticker shock.’
    • ‘Turning to the market, stocks are pulling back after recent strong gains - not a surprise to see a pullback after four straight sessions of gains.’
    • ‘It appears that a trader/investor can ride the majority of an uptrend and be out during the big consolidations and pullbacks by employing this simple method.’
    • ‘As long as we hold this area without a dramatic pullback, the euro will likely push higher on Tuesday.’
    discount, markdown, deduction, cut, price cut, pullback, concession, allowance



/ˈpo͝olˌbak/ /ˈpʊlˌbæk/