Definition of pulled pork in English:

pulled pork


  • Pork cooked slowly over low heat until it is tender enough to be pulled into strips, often prepared with a barbecue sauce.

    ‘there are dozens of stalls offering everything from chicken wings and pulled pork to ribs and burgers’
    as modifier ‘pulled pork sandwiches’
    • ‘Environmental concerns aside, the polystyrene plastic doesn't seem to have an adverse affect on the taste of ribs, pulled pork or brisket.’
    • ‘Some areas cook the entire hog, others just the pork shoulder, some make pulled pork.’
    • ‘Pork needs massive seasoning for flavor, hence ham, pulled pork, ribs, bacon.’
    • ‘The delicious pulled pork sandwich crowned with coleslaw on a soft bun shared top billing.’
    • ‘I had an excellent bacon cheeseburger with fries, and Jenn had a life-changing pulled pork sammich.’
    • ‘Inexpensive, loaded with flavor, and delightfully stringy, the cut called "Boston butt" makes mean pulled pork sandwiches.’
    • ‘In addition to sundry salads and appetizers, Bobby Q's offers pulled pork, two types of ribs, and beef brisket.’
    • ‘But sink your teeth into the North Carolina pulled pork, and your surroundings will suddenly seem irrelevant.’
    • ‘Dad went immediately up to the counter and ordered a pulled pork dinner, choosing sides of coleslaw and potato salad.’
    • ‘After eating pulled pork at a local spot, the two began making their own at home, right in the oven.’
    • ‘He proudly does his own smoking, not just chicken but ribs, pulled pork, and fish, and he makes his own barbecue sauce.’
    • ‘The sign outside might lead you to believe that the meat for another specialty here, the pulled pork sandwich, is cooked over an open fire.’
    • ‘We also had chili dogs one night; fried chicken w / waffle fries another night and homemade pulled pork BBQ another evening.’
    • ‘We both went for the combo which contained a portion of pulled pork, a BBQ chicken breast and wing and two sides.’
    • ‘The pulled pork satisfied but didn't wow our resident barbecue expert.’
    • ‘A pulled pork hero is $7.29 and can be dressed up with sauteed onions and melted mozzarella.’
    • ‘The pulled pork was served cold but was exceptionally tender, and the potato-like jicama was served very effectively in small slices.’
    • ‘The pulled pork is, quite simply, melt in the mouth, while the chicken is juicily tender.’
    • ‘All that being said, I wouldn't really call the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic or whatever a real bastion of pulled pork.’