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adjectiveadjective pulpier, adjective pulpiest

  • 1Resembling or consisting of pulp; mushy.

    ‘simmer gently until the fruit is very soft and pulpy’
    • ‘The spoiled form has a scrawl of a mouth slewed in pulpy damage.’
    • ‘The cells of the glands contain bright pink fluid, charged with granules or with globular masses of pinkish pulpy matter.’
    • ‘On the roadside, groups of men pry the bean from the pulpy fruit, tossing the shells aside.’
    • ‘We struggled to taste the mushrooms through the pulpy texture.’
    • ‘Like a man, the saguaro has an internal skeleton covered with pulpy flesh.’
    • ‘Broke my fall with my hand which quickly turned into a big bloody pulpy mess.’
    • ‘Like the pulpy kind you spread on your toast.’
    • ‘The outer or pulpy integument of the seed may have a wrinkled appearance.’
    • ‘It split immediately, with a puddle of yellowish cocoa butter pooling around a gritty, pulpy center.’
    • ‘Then all grew withered and lost shape, becoming a pulpy mass, like gelatin.’
    • ‘In May and June the leaves and branches shoot forth very rapidly, but the new growth is pulpy and tender.’
    • ‘I like tomatoes which are vine ripened, deep red, and pulpy.’
    • ‘Traditionally, island women chewed up the leaves and stalks of the kava-kava plant and spat the pulpy mass into the communal bowl.’
    • ‘Bring to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes or until they become soft and pulpy.’
    • ‘Remove, cover and cook a further 5 minutes or until rhubarb is pulpy and liquid has evaporated.’
    • ‘My next task was to get the right texture for the purees - smooth but not pulpy.’
    • ‘The chick pea dish, in the opinion of our chick pea aficionado, was overcooked and the peas pulpy.’
    • ‘Turn down the heat and simmer gently for 45 minutes to an hour until everything is very soft and pulpy.’
    • ‘Melt the butter in a large sauté pan and cook the cherry tomatoes with the garlic until soft and pulpy.’
    • ‘One pictures lazy afternoons engorged on and sticky with pulpy, overripe South Pacific fruits.’
    mushy, soft, semi-liquid, pappy, slushy, sloppy, spongy, squashy, squelchy, squishy
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  • 2(of writing) sensationalist and of poor quality; trashy.

    ‘pulpy detective novels’
    • ‘They're going for a cohesively conceptualized oeuvre: a pulpy sci-fi epic serialized to music.’
    • ‘Studying the inky pictures on pulpy pages, the adolescent Kubrick was soon a fan.’
    • ‘These pulpy Cold War thrillers seemed altogether too serious at first.’
    • ‘It takes a B-movie, a horror film, or a pulpy comic-book film, to get that.’
    • ‘Here, he indulges a story as pulpy and lurid as his words and direction are spare and restrained.’
    • ‘Despite its pulpy theme, the story is provocative and acutely depressing.’
    • ‘Fudoh is based on a manga, a Japanese comic series, and a tawdry, pulpy one at that.’
    • ‘Perhaps my current love of books and their acquisition can be traced back to the far too many hours I spent in childhood alone except for their pulpy companionship.’
    • ‘His works are kinetic, pulpy and filled with the conventions of noir, fantasy, and sci-fi.’
    • ‘Entertainment Weekly, for example, said that ' a big-budget comic-book adaptation has rarely felt so humorless and intellectually defensive about its own pulpy roots '.’
    • ‘The Singing Detective: A novelist embarks on a fever dream while hospitalized, replete with musical numbers and plot lines from his pulpy detective novel.’
    • ‘The film clearly identifies itself as a critique of narrative traditions when Ed's narration is revealed to be a submission to a pulpy men's magazine.’
    • ‘I haven't seen any of them in quite some time, and watching it now it hit me just how pulpy those movies were.’
    • ‘Why is it that prodigious writers of pulpy, elaborate fiction spark such complete devotion?’
    • ‘The show is soapy, pulpy, and often a little bit shameless.’
    • ‘After all, Profiler is a lurid, pulpy sort of show meant to thrill audiences tuning in on Saturday nights.’
    • ‘I was looking through the disgustingly pulpy content and came upon an interview with Paul Smith, the executive producer of the program.’



/ˈpəlpē/ /ˈpəlpi/