Definition of pulse jet in English:

pulse jet


  • A type of jet engine in which combustion is intermittent, with the ignition and expulsion of each charge of mixture causing the intake of a fresh charge.

    ‘It employed a novel pulse jet engine (which made a distinctive sound, hence the name buzz bomb) and short wings to carry its 1,874-pound warhead to targets up to 150 miles.’
    • ‘One of the systems that goes into the AIM tank is a pulse jet air cleaner.’
    • ‘Those of us in the industry that are not privy to the details of the propulsion system guess the pearls are the result of a pulse jet type systems.’
    • ‘The microlight instructor, 35, built the gas and liquid fuel pulse jet from instructions off the internet.’
    • ‘Although the earlier M54 engines relied on unleaded gasoline only, the new M54A2 pulse jet engines burn any mid-viscosity Army fuel-including diesel, JP4, JP8 and motor gasoline-to produce a thick white smoke cloud.’


pulse jet

/ˈpəls ˌjet/ /ˈpəls ˌdʒɛt/