Definition of pulverizer in English:



(also British pulveriser)

See pulverize

‘It is a sort of denatured, homogenised product - as if all the musical notes had been thrown into some vast blender or pulveriser and had bled into each other.’
  • ‘Depending on the specific brand you buy, you can add pincers, pulverizers, shears, combi-cutters, wood cleavers, plate shears, and many others for metal and concrete shearing and for concrete cracking, crushing, and pulverizing.’
  • ‘Typical applications for alloy white irons include coal pulverizer and roller mill tires and tables, i.e., any place where abrasion is high and impact loading is low.’
  • ‘The machine, called a pulverizer, quickly reduces the remains to a fine powder - a prerequisite for dispersal under Japanese law.’
  • ‘One of the most expensive and essential pieces of equipment Potter purchased was a pulverizer.’



/ˈpəlvəˌrīzər/ /ˈpəlvəˌraɪzər/