Definition of pump-action in English:



  • 1Denoting a repeating firearm in which a new round is brought from the magazine into the breech by a slide action in line with the barrel.

    ‘a pump-action shotgun’
    • ‘The firearm used was a pump-action shotgun, a weapon banned in the UK for more than a decade.’
    • ‘A car pulled up alongside and the gunman fired three rounds from a pump-action shotgun.’
    • ‘They're heavily armed, pump-action shot guns, handguns and cuffs.’
    • ‘Among them were machine-guns, submachine-guns, a machine pistol and a pump-action shotgun.’
    • ‘He raised his pump-action shotgun and fired - forcing her to dive back into the room.’
  • 2Denoting an unpressurized spray dispenser for liquid that is worked by finger action rather than by internal pressure (as in an aerosol)

    ‘a preference for pump-action sprays and roll-on applicators’
    • ‘To a 1-quart pump-action spray bottle, add 1 teaspoon each mild dishwashing liquid and cooking oil, then enough water to make 1 quart; shake to mix.’
    • ‘A subway station in a suburb of Washington DC was closed after the armed man released the spray from a pump-action bottle as police arrested him.’
    • ‘This was a kind of pump-action bleach spray that was supposed to give your hair that much sought after sun-kissed look.’
    • ‘Police said the symptoms suffered by bystanders were likely to have been caused by pepper spray used by officers to restrain the man, who had fired a shot from a handgun after spraying the substance from a pump-action bottle.’