Definition of pump iron in English:

pump iron


  • Exercise with weights.

    • ‘she spent her time jogging and pumping iron’
    • ‘I don't believe in lifting weights, or pumping iron.’
    • ‘I do regular workouts including cardiovascular exercise and pumping iron.’
    • ‘She's sweated it out in a gym stuffed with infomercial gizmos while traveling in Morocco, pumped iron on homemade weight training equipment in Zimbabwe and run up and down more than her fair share of crumbling motel basement stairways.’
    • ‘I changed positions, and they had me in the weight room every day, pumping iron and drinking this nutrient to gain weight.’
    • ‘Keith began pumping iron in high school and has continued to hit the weights even at his current heights of success.’
    • ‘Interestingly, fitness exercise this time was not confined to pumping iron inside the gym.’
    • ‘While he pumps iron to improve his physique, Woods is a renowned couch potato, who likes nothing better than to lounge about with the remote control at his fingertips.’
    • ‘Living in the city now, he goes to a gymnasium and pumps iron every morning.’
    • ‘But it wasn't just the young and happening who gave up breakfast for pumping iron followed by a decaf, unsweetened cup of coffee with a dash of soya milk, the health wave affected everyone from teenagers to people in their sixties.’
    • ‘For today's media-literate, sophisticated children, pumping iron on a futuristic bench press is clearly more appealing than crouching in a draughty hall pretending to be a little acorn.’