Definition of punch card in English:

punch card

(also punched card)


  • A card perforated according to a code, for controlling the operation of a machine, used in voting machines and formerly in programming and entering data into computers.

    • ‘The important thing to remember here is that Information Technology, which used to mean computers and punched cards, now means EVERYTHING.’
    • ‘Both the IBM and the Burroughs were programmed with punched cards, and neither were available for me to " watch the lights and hear the grunts’.’
    • ‘Remember, this was all at a time when computing to the rest of us meant running a few thousand punched cards through a mainframe and waiting to get your output the next day from the line printer.’
    • ‘This was different from the big IBM mainframe, where one submitted a deck of punched cards, then waited around for their own job to run.’
    • ‘Englebart thought it eminently sensible to have some kind of visual display to represent what the computers were doing - rather than have a box full of punched cards to display one character.’