Definition of punchbag in English:



  • 1British A stuffed cylindrical bag suspended so it can be punched for exercise or training, especially by boxers.

    • ‘I do some aerobics stuff and use the punchbag for some boxing training.’
    • ‘When he was answered in the affirmative, he immediately became impressed as he danced around the ring and whamming suspended punchbags with that famous right hand.’
    • ‘They stock every conceivable type of ball, as well as darts, boxing gloves, punchbags, headguards, snooker cues, goggles, running spikes and karate suits.’
    • ‘The boxer's punchbag is still swinging on its chain when I enter, and here's something else that's disconcerting: an entire wall stacked floor to ceiling with files.’
    • ‘I'm up at eight and in the gym, and back in the ring sparring and on the punchbags in the afternoon.’
    • ‘Working with leather is a favourite of his, and he's made things like punchbags for boxing clubs.’
    • ‘‘The club have got me doing a lot of weights and I've been boxing with the punchbag to give myself more body strength,’ says Luke, whose display at Sunderland last Saturday was highly praised by Fergie.’
    • ‘He no longer pummels the light punchbag that has travelled with him from home to home over the years, and these days he occasionally uses a cane to assist his progress.’
    • ‘The South African decided to withdraw because of a wrist injury he picked up after hitting a punchbag in the garage of his Wentworth home earlier this month.’
    • ‘Maybe when you punch a punchbag you are simply releasing more endorphins that improve your mood.’
    • ‘She explains how she drew a cross on a punchbag at the exact height of Ward's chin and trained to hit it.’
    • ‘Instead she works hard for about an hour and a half twice a week knocking seven bells out of punchbags, completing gruelling gym circuits and sparring with men, usually six-footers who tower over her in the ring.’
    • ‘Cade's fists made hard contact with the punchbag.’
    • ‘The turning process will comprise exhibition contests between boxers of the same weight, shadow boxing, working on a punchbag and rope-skipping.’
    • ‘When the Daily Dispatch visited the Welsh camp, Qhushu was busy pounding a punchbag preparing for a fight in Johannesburg whose details are yet to be finalised.’
    • ‘But he had a blue bed, a red punchbag, a Jackass poster, a green alarm clock, a wooden wardrobe, and a writing desk.’
    • ‘Others cultivated a swagger or bragged about the punchbag they had at home, bought by mum after constant pressure, most likely from Moore's Catalogue.’
    • ‘He was giving a martial arts demonstration, beating up a punchbag, and was more interested in watching the women watching him than in taking care over what he was doing.’
    • ‘The poverty-stricken young Joe rigged up a make-do punchbag in his rickety garden shed.’
    • ‘Hatton now stands beside Macklin, who is working on the punchbag, talking to him about technique.’
    1. 1.1A person on whom another person vents their anger.
      ‘all I would be was a punchbag for his escaping fury’
      • ‘He has become the punchbag of the anti-war movement.’
      • ‘Fed up with being a critical punchbag, he retreated, first to Ireland and then to a bungalow in Cornwall, together with his wife, dogs and library of over 30,000 books.’
      • ‘One man who didn't seem all that relaxed was the health minister who, after a mere three years serving as the cabinet punchbag, looks a little frayed around the edges.’
      • ‘Both Graham and Ben are used as punchbags in his comedy set.’
      • ‘Pendle desperately needs an MP who will work closely with the council on behalf of local people, instead of trying to use the council as a political punchbag.’
      • ‘And who could begrudge the big fella the easy life after all those years being used as a punchbag for some of the baddest men on the planet?’
      • ‘The company became a ritual hate figure on the internet and a punchbag for comedians.’
      • ‘I've always used the character in this wanton way, as a punchbag of sorts.’