Definition of punching bag in English:

punching bag


North American
  • A stuffed or inflated bag, typically cylindrical or pear-shaped, suspended so it can be punched for exercise or training, especially by boxers; a punchbag.

    • ‘The steel ball allows the punching bag to move freely in any direction and reduces the pressure on the ceiling joist.’
    • ‘The next day, his wrist throbbing from a previous bout with a punching bag, Els tumbled back into the crowd.’
    • ‘I turned back towards the punching bag and began hitting it again, like I had been doing for the last 2 and 1/2 hours.’
    • ‘The punching bag swung lightly, fluently even, cutting through the air like a pendulum swaying beneath a clock.’
    • ‘Even though he has joked that the Briton knocked himself out with a punching bag while training, Tszyu wouldn't be fighting Hatton if he didn't take him seriously.’
    • ‘I need a punching bag to take out my frustration on.’
    • ‘We even got the principal to have a few rounds at the punching bag.’


punching bag