Definition of punctae in English:


plural noun

  • Minute rounded dots or spots of color, or small elevations or depressions on a surface.

    ‘This manoeuvre has the added benefit of inverting the punctae.’
    • ‘Some examples of the internal molds available for study display a microscopic honeycomb effect and rarely, fine projections resembling the internal sediment fillings of punctae.’
    • ‘The Jingshan material of Dedzetina sp. differs from the two Bohemian species in having much stronger punctae and anterolateral bounding ridges of the ventral muscle field.’
    • ‘Raised axial portions of the test bear small granules in contrast to smooth fixigenal areas with fine punctae.’
    • ‘In the furrows and in the grooves between ‘straps,’ the carapace is smooth with fine punctae.’



/ˈpəNG(k)tē/ /ˈpəŋ(k)ti/


Modern Latin (plural).