Definition of punctate in English:



  • Studded with or denoting dots or tiny holes.

    ‘strong punctate staining of the cell surface’
    • ‘shell layers may be punctate’
    • ‘Like cholinergic urticaria, variant exercise-induced anaphylaxis produces small, punctate, erythematous papules and is associated with increased plasma histamine levels.’
    • ‘The mass had a pink, shiny, and slightly lobulated cut surface with focal, punctate, light yellow calcifications and irregular, white, fibrous streaks.’
    • ‘Some patients have target-like lesions, with each lesion consisting of a central punctate hemorrhage surrounded by circumferential regions of pallor and hemorrhage.’
    • ‘Examination revealed numerous punctate depressions limited to the fingers and creases of the palms of the hands.’
    • ‘The rash begins as finely punctate erythema on the superior trunk and face two to three days after the onset of illness.’



/ˈpəNG(k)ˌtāt/ /ˈpəŋ(k)ˌteɪt/


Mid 18th century from Latin punctum ‘point’+ -ate.