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‘As I would expect from any chef with a season in Bibendum behind him, the basics were carefully done, the details punctiliously attended to, the whole satisfying at every level.’
  • ‘I should say he observed the rules punctiliously and if there has been a technical infringement I am sure he will have apologised.’
  • ‘A classic illustration is the fate of a hated major at Blenheim, whose grenadiers punctiliously granted his request to take his chances with enemy bullets, and only shot him after the battle was over.’
  • ‘I tried conversation with our host, but with the barrier of language and Mohammed slowly, punctiliously translating, it was halting.’
  • ‘In the tea ceremony, the couple punctiliously distributed canned soft drinks toted in plastic shopping bags and snapped photos of each other.’



/ˌpəNG(k)ˈtilēəslē/ /ˌpəŋ(k)ˈtɪliəsli/