Definition of punctiliousness in English:



See punctilious

‘If government in our representative democracy is supposed to respond to people's stated concerns, then government punctiliousness about privacy might actually be exceeding the public's demands.’
  • ‘Welfare agencies divide people into racial groups for statistical purposes with a punctiliousness I have not experienced since I lived, briefly, in apartheid South Africa a quarter of a century ago.’
  • ‘But it is apparent that she does not bring to her financial affairs the punctiliousness she displays when wrapping the dog's biscuit in lace or sprinkling oatmeal with gold dust.’
  • ‘Is there usually such haste and punctiliousness about complying with this ‘regulation’?’
  • ‘His punctiliousness knew no bounds when it came to the methodology of his research.’



/ˌpəNG(k)ˈtilēəsnəs/ /ˌpəŋ(k)ˈtɪliəsnəs/