Definition of punctuality in English:


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  • The fact or quality of being on time.

    ‘he was a stickler for punctuality’
    • ‘improvements in the punctuality of trains’
    • ‘Patrick smiled inwardly at Michael's lack of punctuality.’
    • ‘Students master such things as punctuality and reliability, common courtesy, and appropriate dress for all occasions.’
    • ‘When asked what they considered important in their choice of transport, they rated punctuality and safety as the main reasons.’
    • ‘The classic complaints involve poor punctuality, delays caused by engineering works and exorbitant fares.’
    • ‘Poor punctuality is also a problem in some schools.’
    • ‘Joe brought professional standards: punctuality, discipline and a strong work ethic.’
    • ‘Yorkshire has among the best and worst performing train operators in the country, according to new industry punctuality figures.’
    • ‘So far, he has a perfect punctuality record.’
    • ‘She was recently commended for her outstanding punctuality record.’
    • ‘He was erratic in his job and he lacked punctuality.’
    • ‘The meeting happened, and our punctuality pleased Miranda no end.’
    • ‘Class attendance and punctuality requirements were strict.’
    • ‘Cleanliness, punctuality, order and method are essentials in the character of a good housekeeper.’



/ˌpəNG(k)(t)SHəˈwalədē/ /ˌpəŋ(k)(t)ʃəˈwælədi/