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  • 1An expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public.

    ‘a globe-trotting financial pundit’
    • ‘The pundits frequently suggest that Currie are a side who are not capable of winning the league.’
    • ‘After the game the vast majority of experts and pundits were gushing in their praise of the official.’
    • ‘Since the war began he has become a regular pundit offering his opinion on American foreign policy.’
    • ‘Quite reassuring is the fact that all political pundits are unanimous over one point.’
    • ‘Why do the bulk of press gallery pundits catch the political diseases from the parties?’
    • ‘According to political pundits, we can expect a general election in early May.’
    • ‘Political and media pundits have struggled to define this latest violent episode.’
    • ‘Various political pundits are coming out assessing how it must have affected his job.’
    • ‘Meanwhile my reputation as a political pundit continued to grow by leaps and bounds.’
    • ‘However, some of the most insightful comments have come from pundits at home.’
    • ‘The nitwit concerned is a TV pundit and author of a textbook widely used in American universities.’
    • ‘Even mainstream political pundits have been forced to sit up and take notice of a new force emerging on the left.’
    • ‘He gets the chance to take part in a radio discussion with two deputies and a political pundit.’
    • ‘Newspaper columnists and media pundits do not necessarily degrade standards of public debate.’
    • ‘Some pundits advise investors never to buy expensive shares if they want a peaceful night's sleep.’
    • ‘Many economic pundits had been predicting a recovery in spending in the latter part of this year.’
    • ‘He is a columnist and a pundit who is trying to leverage the information for his political point of view.’
    • ‘Some pundits argue that if the economy remains in good shape, Labour is home and dry.’
    • ‘If consultancy fees that substantially add to a pundit's income are going to become commonplace we need a new set of habits.’
    • ‘Should your life's pursuit be that of a pundit, you might start by studying economics.’
    expert, authority, adviser, member of a think tank, member of a policy unit, specialist, consultant, doyen, master, mentor, guru, sage, savant
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  • 2

    variant spelling of pandit





Mid 17th century (in pundit (sense 2)): from Sanskrit paṇḍita ‘learned man’, use as noun of paṇḍita ‘learned, skilled’. pundit (sense 1)is first recorded in the early 19th century.