Definition of punkette in English:



  • A female punk rocker.

    ‘Get out of my way, you useless little punkettes.’
    • ‘In which four West-coast punkettes, aged 15 and 16, produce power-pop-punk in the shadow of straightedge tat-queen Bif Naked.’
    • ‘The band was cheerfully fielding loads of requests from fawning punkettes who wanted various parts of their bodies signing.’
    • ‘She never made an impression on me, and so many punkettes used to copy her style that the whole look became rather tired and passe.’
    • ‘Oy, we'll need more punkettes like you in the revolution, won't we?’
    • ‘The ersatz punkette of Let Go, her 14 million-selling debut, only gets to pogo once on ‘I Always Get What I Want’, a spiky afterthought.’
    • ‘Front punkette Carol Hodge, with her Betty Paige hairstyle and sparkly make-up, got their hardcore fans up at the front bouncing up and down to the beat.’
    • ‘Mandy, now a 37-year-old sales rep with two children, was a teenage punkette still at Huntington school back then.’
    • ‘Southgate College started the show with loud 21st century punkettes in tartan and black leather.’
    • ‘The Canadian teen dream who posed as a punkette and reaped millions with the 2002 hit ‘Complicated’ returns with a live album in hopes of establishing herself as a singer-song-writer of longevity.’
    • ‘She first hit screens at age 21 in 1986 as a bleach-blonde punkette with close-cropped hair and a taste for unruly eye makeup.’
    • ‘She dresses in all the latest punkette clothes (which she makes herself) and she doesn't even have to argue with her father about how many earrings she can wear in each ear.’
    • ‘It differs starkly from the '60s and '70s tradition with the marketing of punkette or pop-rock acts such as the Runaways and the Go-Gos.’
    • ‘There was one solitary over-enthusiastic punkette from Tyneside who kept fruitlessly pestering us for the song ‘Nellie The Elephant’ by the Toy Dolls.’
    • ‘Some young pink-haired punkette came barging between me and John and was going totally mad for this band like she was some kind of Rent-a-Groupie.’
    • ‘Ashfield, for example, is a delight and is irresistibly bolshie as Jody - a kind of latter-day punkette without any direction for her anger.’
    • ‘Only in a world where Limp Bizkit pass for metal could this Tiffany retread ever be mistaken for punk, or punkish, or punkette.’
    • ‘Strayman is a self-styled angry poet of the streets who invites the punkette guitarist Strumpet to his grungy digs after rescuing her from attack.’
    • ‘Her neurotic, green-haired, New York punkette role as Clementine Kruczynski in the movie was a revelation.’



/pəNGˈket/ /pəŋˈkɛt/


1970s from punk + the feminine suffix -ette.