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nounplural noun pupae/-ˌpē/ /-ˌpī/

  • An insect in its inactive immature form between larva and adult, e.g. a chrysalis.

    ‘These snakes feed on smaller prey - the larvae, pupae, and adults of ants and termites - and they do so remarkably fast.’
    • ‘In most species for which detailed dietary information is available, ant larvae and pupae represent the most important food resource.’
    • ‘The house fly has complete metamorphosis: egg, larvae, pupae and adult.’
    • ‘When a male molts from a larva to a pupa, the horns evert, unfold, and stretch out to their full shape and length - not unlike extending a collapsed telescope.’
    • ‘Insect pupae have all of the major structures of the adult, and most of these structures have already reached their final dimensions.’
    • ‘Other invertebrates survive dry periods by remaining in the pond substrate as eggs, pupae, or aestivating adults.’
    • ‘Parasitoids overwinter as pupae in mines within fallen leaves.’
    • ‘Total RNA was isolated from third instar larvae, pupae, adult body, and adult head by TRIZOL reagent.’
    • ‘Sift through the litter where the windrows were, checking in and around crowns for larvae, pupae, and adult weevils.’
    • ‘Around her were tiny, silver eggs, chubby larvae, and pupae folded like mummies inside translucent cases.’
    • ‘Testes were dissected in Schneider's Drosophila media from larvae, pupae, or adults.’
    • ‘Once in New York, the eggs hatch into larvae, molt into pupae, and finally emerge as adults, ready to take on the Big Apple.’
    • ‘The number of clutches of eggs, larvae in each instar, pupae, and new adults emerging in the next generation were recorded.’
    • ‘Ovaries from late fifth instar larvae and pupae were used for initiating the cell cultures.’
    • ‘Red stripe appears as a diffuse stripe of pigment on the dorsum of larvae and pupae and is variable in expressivity and penetrance.’
    • ‘When temperatures drop, stable flies overwinter as larvae or pupae in piles of larval breeding material.’
    • ‘The three stages of the ancestral insect species - pronymph, nymph and adult - are proposed to be equivalent to the larva, pupa and adult stages of insects with complete metamorphosis.’
    • ‘At the end of each experiment the males were individually housed until pupae emerged from all parasitized males.’
    • ‘All flies pass through four life stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.’
    • ‘The adult flea is an excellent jumper passing through a complete life cycle consisting of egg, larva, pupa and adult.’



/ˈpyo͞opə/ /ˈpjupə/


Late 18th century modern Latin, from Latin pupa ‘girl, doll’.