Definition of pupilage in English:


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(also pupillage)
  • The state of being a pupil or student.

    ‘Mr. Nash asked for information on pupillage’
    • ‘he began a three-year pupillage’
    • ‘Three years later she qualified with an honours degree and wrote to Michael Mansfield about her pupillage.’
    • ‘But during this long pupillage he had perennially returned to his family's estate to work the vintages, watch and learn.’
    • ‘Let us emancipate the student, and give him time and opportunity for the cultivation of his mind, so that in his pupilage he shall not be a puppet in the hands of others, but rather a self-relying and reflecting being.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, no trace of the Royal High School's curriculum for writing and bookkeeping at the precise time of Scott's pupilage survives.’



/ˈpyo͞opəlij/ /ˈpjupəlɪdʒ/