Definition of puppeteering in English:



See puppeteer

  • ‘In fact, there is plenty of just about everything at the Festival: theatre, dance, mime, comedy, revue, puppeteering, kids' shows, pottery, crafts, architecture.’
  • ‘Last year, she realized her dream by setting up the White Dance Temple troupe and recruited performers from various disciplines including Chinese opera, Taiwanese opera, folk dance, puppeteering and contemporary dance.’
  • ‘In employment he is to avoid work that can influence other people directly or indirectly in terms of developing communist ideology, which includes teaching, religious work, puppeteering, legal aid and journalism.’
  • ‘Sponsored by the Douglas Students' Union Performing Arts Committee, the eclectic event includes music, spoken word, puppeteering, slide shows, and jeer leading.’
  • ‘Born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1929, he escaped the clutches of a military father and an unhinged alcoholic mother to try his luck first at acting, then puppeteering.’