Definition of puppy dog in English:

puppy dog

Pronunciation /ˈpəpē dôɡ/ /ˈpəpi dɔɡ/

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  • A child's word for a puppy.

    as modifier ‘his puppy-dog brown eyes’
    • ‘In Gaskell's Life, Emily is a faintly demonic, Jekyll and Hyde character, all sweetness one minute, torturing puppy-dogs the next.’
    • ‘And sometimes the boy puppy-dogs fall in love with the girl puppy-dogs!’
    • ‘We've got puppy-dogs and dixieland music, too.’
    • ‘I also believe in puppy-dogs and a child's sparkling eyes, in laughter and smiles, in sunflowers and butterflies.’
    • ‘Her puppy-dog eyes looked at him with admiration.’
    • ‘Mia looked like she had just lost her puppy-dog.’
    • ‘I smiled apologetically, and put on my puppy-dog pout.’
    • ‘The look on Sachiko's face, like a puppy-dog, was priceless.’
    • ‘Cadence gives a sigh and does an adorable puppy-dog pout, and Ricky eyes him and then scoots closer to the window as I break up into hysterics.’
    • ‘She gave him the puppy-dog face, sticking out her bottom lip.’
    • ‘I treated Zeke exceptionally well, not like a puppy-dog or anything.’
    • ‘Just as I was beginning to cave in, she stopped and gave me the puppy-dog eyes, her bottom lip pouting ever so slightly.’
    • ‘Before she could look away, he had resorted to begging, giving her the puppy-dog pout, whining and crying.’
    • ‘Jude scowled at her, and she gave him her best puppy-dog face.’
    • ‘Lily was not sure the ride home was a great idea, but Liz and Kara were already begging with their best puppy-dog eyes.’
    • ‘Ben may be more domesticated than his puppy dog, but some would say he's just as mental.’
    • ‘Recently, my friend with a lovely new puppy dog showed me a great place to walk the dog.’
    • ‘I chucked darts at balloons and won big stuffed puppy dog for Katie.’
    • ‘A black puppy dog was rolling in the dust and scratching his ears.’
    • ‘The key chain had a tiny gavel, a portrait of her family, a tiny scroll, and a miniature puppy dog.’