Definition of puppyish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəpēiSH/ /ˈpəpiɪʃ/


See puppy

  • ‘A self-described mama's boy, he combines a puppyish playfulness with an obsessive work ethic and a hardheaded understanding of the business of triathlon.’
  • ‘Evans starts his new Radio 2 show this weekend, with puppyish excitement and goodwill bursting from all sides.’
  • ‘My love for it is currently more like a puppyish affection.’
  • ‘Two rather small ‘If you value it, vote for it’ banners waved back in puppyish salutation.’
  • ‘Romeo is a puppyish, rather goofy young man and Juliet a bratish adolescent who never matures into any really tragic strature.’



/ˈpəpēiSH/ /ˈpəpiɪʃ/