Definition of pure and simple in English:

pure and simple


  • And nothing else (used for emphasis)

    ‘it was revenge, pure and simple’
    • ‘What is now a tolerable sweep into disputed territory would be denounced in the U.N. as invasion pure and simple.’
    • ‘This is not a war of ideas, but a one-sided game where liberals allow the right to get away with anything pure and simple.’
    • ‘Patents serve the research and development strategies of big corporations, pure and simple.’
    • ‘This is rock music, pure and simple, and they were very much a rock band.’
    • ‘This isn't health policy, this is just politics, pure and simple.’
    • ‘Misogynism, pure and simple, played a large part in it.’
    • ‘But the film he was in showed his intent and interests pure and simple.’
    • ‘Where post-punk was arty, difficult, and challenging, new wave was pop music, pure and simple.’
    • ‘There was no physical abuse, but it was intimidation, pure and simple.’
    • ‘It's glam rock, pure and simple, and at high risk of sounding like everyone's dad, it was better the first time.’