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  • Built for a particular purpose.

    ‘purpose-built accommodations for the elderly’
    • ‘Orthopaedics will have purpose-built accommodation, also on level four, and close to the main theatres.’
    • ‘Sources said the artefacts would be displayed in a purpose-built secure exhibition centre.’
    • ‘In a purpose-built exhibition hall, the history associated with the treasure will be explained and displayed.’
    • ‘Large clumps are best supported with pea sticks or a purpose-made plant support placed around the plant as it emerges in spring and which, although unsightly at first, will soon be hidden by foliage.’
    • ‘A number of these were purpose-made from zinc alloy and some were firearms converted to fire the gas cartridge.’
    • ‘Use washing soda crystals dissolved in hot water, and a scrubbing brush, or a purpose-made acid.’
    • ‘By completing the purpose-designed building in a considerably shorter timescale, there is a direct benefit to patients who can now be seen and treated much earlier and in a state-of-the-art facility.’
    • ‘The new breast unit will bring together the screening and symptomatic breast disease services in a purpose-designed facility.’
    • ‘The move into new purpose-designed premises at Clifton Moor will give a major boost to our company, our parent group and our employees.’
    • ‘It would provide purpose-designed opportunities for outdoor entertainment and activities.’
    • ‘The department will have specialist equipment, a full laboratory and a specialist nurse, and we will be working out of a modern, purpose-designed hospital.’
    • ‘The bed in question is a very specialised one, purpose-designed to help patients with pressure sores.’
    • ‘The company has started construction of high quality office/commercial buildings on a site adjacent to its Valley Road business park including purpose-designed offices, workshops and storage.’
    • ‘Four weeks ago, the archive, formerly based at Ripon, moved into purpose-designed headquarters within the swish new York St John's College building, opposite the Union Terrace car park.’
    • ‘Sales have risen for a purpose-designed product that is generally not found widely discarded across the countryside, trees, streets and seas of the UK.’
    • ‘They are now proposing to build a new purpose-designed surgery off Occupation Lane, on a site that is close to the centre with easy access on foot or by car and ample space for parking.’
    • ‘It has been suggested a purpose-designed racing lane could be provided on private land at Clickham Farm.’
    • ‘The real solution is a purpose-designed server with a very high storage capacity.’
    • ‘The show boasts one of the world's largest purpose-built marinas.’
    • ‘Elderly residents in Bedford appear to have backed plans to sell their almshouses and use the cash for a purpose-built project.’
    specific, particular, purpose-built, tailor-made, custom-built



/ˈpərpəs ˌbilt/ /ˈpərpəs ˌbɪlt/