Definition of purpuric in English:


Pronunciation /pərˈpyo͝orik/ /pərˈpjʊrɪk/



See purpura

‘Gigantean (larger and fewer lesions), pustular, purpuric, or vesicular pityriasis rosea occurs in rare cases.’
  • ‘These lesions included papular, urticarial, purpuric, pustular, and eczematoid changes, such as papular urticaria.’
  • ‘Children with disseminated intravascular coagulopathy are generally quite ill and may present with extensive purpuric lesions and petechiae, as well as multifocal hemorrhage.’
  • ‘Almost all of the patients with this type of vasculitis have cutaneous findings, typically erythematous macules or purpuric lesions.’
  • ‘Depending on their size, purpuric lesions are traditionally classified as petechiae (pinpoint hemorrhages less than 2 mm in greatest diameter), purpura or ecchymoses.’