Definition of purpurin in English:



  • A red dye originally extracted from madder and also prepared artificially by the oxidation of alizarin.

    An anthraquinone derivative; chemical formula: C₁₄H₈O₅

    ‘Alizarin is the main colourant molecule, but the extract also contains a closely related compound called purpurin, which (despite the name) imparts an orange colour.’
    • ‘Additionally, monascus pigments, purpurin, chlorophyllin and curcumin were reported to inhibit the mutagenicity of heterocyclic amines and other carcinogens.’
    • ‘In general, these newer drugs have been based on the structure of chlorin, purpurin, phthalocyanine or naphthalocyanine.’
    • ‘However, the addition of purpurin to oxidized cytochrome c in the absence of microsomal fraction demonstrated low level but dose-dependent ‘reductase-like’ activity.’



/ˈpərp(y)ər(ə)n/ /ˈpərp(j)ər(ə)n/


Mid 16th century (denoting powdered brass or bronze mixed with liquid and used as a coloring material): from Latin purpura ‘purple’+ -in, after French purpurine.