Definition of purse seine in English:

purse seine


usually as modifier
  • A seine that can be drawn into the shape of a bag using the line along the bottom of the net like the drawstring of a purse.

    ‘He is a strong advocate of sound fishery management, who authored legislation in 1997 that prevents the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins during tuna purse seine fishing.’
    • ‘It has been stolen from them by a mistake made by the Ministry of Fisheries when it allowed purse seine fishing to target kahawai.’
    • ‘The law prevented fishermen from intentionally setting purse seine nets around dolphin pods in order to capture the tuna swimming in schools below them.’
    • ‘Larger vessels explored the offshore feeding grounds and, using the new purse seine technology, brought back unprecedented catches.’
    • ‘Skipjack is said to be very healthy and robust, and skipjack tuna is targeted mainly by the long line and the purse seine.’
    • ‘We wrapped it in purse seine netting; in the process we accidentally wrapped up a six-foot blue shark that was feeding on the whale.’
    • ‘When the tuna is harvested with purse seine nets some dolphins become trapped and often die unless released quickly.’
    • ‘Congress enacted the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972 to protect dolphins from the effects of purse seine tuna fishing.’
    • ‘The Commission has recommended that the blue marlin landings of pelagic longlines and purse seine vessels be reduced to at most 50% of the 1996 or 1999 level, whichever is greater.’
    • ‘Eastern tropical Pacific D. delphis skin tissue samples were obtained from animals caught incidentally in the yellow-fin tuna purse seine fishery.’
    • ‘In fact, the total allowable commercial catch has been set at a level that is significantly less than the tonnage that purse seine fishers alone are able to catch under the current permit regime.’
    • ‘Half or more of sharks killed are ‘bycatch,’ snagged while fishermen are targeting other species on longlines or in enormous trawl nets, gillnets or purse seines.’’
    • ‘Evolving technologies have included aboriginal spears, nets, and weirs and European purse seines.’


purse seine

/ˈpər(s) ˌsān/ /ˈpər(s) ˌseɪn/