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  • A person or thing that pursues another.

    ‘One rider famously scattered tacks into the path of his pursuers, while another took the low road, hitching a lift around one notorious mountain stage’
    • ‘John ran the length of the pitch to touch down in the corner with his pursuers in his wake.’
    • ‘This early medieval Jewish cult has appealed to many writers and pursuers of curiosities over the years.’
    • ‘MacDonald says that he threw his pursuers off his trail.’
    • ‘But a confidential document produced as a witness statement by one of his pursuers reveals that Hunter also considered bids for Woolworths, Somerfield and WH Smith.’
    • ‘The pursuit climax in the city's sewers is a little ordinary, but even then we have an extremely tense, claustrophobic sequence where Lime can hear his pursuers closing in through tunnels on all sides.’
    • ‘A manhunt started across central Italy but the murderer, riding a stolen motorcycle, succeeded in evading his pursuers until a week ago when he was spotted near Rome's main railway station.’
    • ‘He may or may not have eluded his pursuers physically, but he continues to surprise and discomfit them.’
    • ‘The separation between Livingston's two chief pursuers was perhaps unjust, but it lasted only until the 56th minute as Williamson's charges let down their guard.’
    • ‘A young cow went on the rampage after it escaped from a cattle trailer on the M60-and led pursuers through a housing estate, golf course and school.’
    • ‘As November approaches, pursuers of salmon inevitably home in on those Scottish rivers with a reputation for providing a good back-end run.’
    • ‘Preoccupied with the need to outpace their pursuers, his captors did not turn back to chase Scott - but the teenager's woes were far from over.’
    • ‘Sometimes the chase is inconclusive: the fox outsmarts or outruns its pursuers and gets away.’
    • ‘Clearly tiring, she crashed and visibly slowed, as her pursuers sensed that she may be caught.’
    • ‘It got so that I was pushing people out of my way, stumbling up the narrow escalator, and finally out into the open, but still walking fast, not wanting to turn around and see whether my pursuer had given up the chase.’
    • ‘‘I was always the pursued never the pursuer, sweetie,’ Barrie says with a breezy flap of spiky false eyelashes.’
    • ‘But it's not a happy ending for her canine pursuer.’
    • ‘Scott Dunlap was the closest pursuer at the start of Saturday's third round as Woods tried to become only the second man in history to win three Majors in one year.’
    • ‘Finally, with help from his press handlers, the First Minister escaped, waving curtly to his pursuer as the doors closed.’
    • ‘Although he turned off into St Denys Road to elude his pursuer, he was hit from behind by a bottle and rugby-tackled to the ground.’



/pərˈso͞oər/ /pərˈsuər/