Definition of pursuivant in English:



  • 1British An officer of the College of Arms.

    ‘I was advised by one of their herald pursuivant that there is no official or legal way up.’
    • ‘Please remember that if you are no longer your groups pursuivant/herald, you must submit a change of officer form to your regional and the Dragon Herald.’
    • ‘Each Barony is required by Kingdom Law to have a Baronial Pursuivant who acts as the Senior Member of the College of Heralds within their region.’
    messenger, special messenger, dispatch rider, letter carrier, mail carrier, runner, bearer, message bearer, message carrier, delivery man, delivery woman, conveyor, envoy, emissary, harbinger, herald
  • 2 archaic A follower or attendant.

    assistant, helper, attendant, retainer, servant, minion, underling, lackey, henchman





Late Middle English (denoting a junior heraldic officer): from Old French pursivant, present participle (used as a noun) of pursivre ‘follow after’.