Definition of push one's luck in English:

push one's luck


  • Take a risk on the assumption that one will continue to be successful or in favor.

    • ‘he had pushed his luck too far, and his smuggling was discovered’
    • ‘‘You could be great, along with my help,’ he continued, pushing his luck.’
    • ‘Sure it was a risk to be pushing his luck so soon, but he was having a great time with Krystal and dreaded the fact that their evening would be coming to an end.’
    • ‘The wild cards afford you the luxury of being able to push your luck with no risk.’
    • ‘He must always be out there, pushing his luck, trying new things, taking a carefully calculated risk.’
    • ‘On the other hand, you are pushing your luck if you try to pull off heroic endurance feats every day.’
    • ‘He was basically pushing his luck, but seemed unaware of it.’
    • ‘As Brendan was leaving the church, and by this time definitely pushing his luck, he spoke to the priest who had officiated at the service.’
    • ‘Those girls pushed their luck though when they suggested we might feel more comfortable someplace quieter.’
    • ‘The tradition ended abruptly when he pushed his luck too far and alienated the avowedly nationalist group by telling them that they must support the principles of unionism.’
    • ‘Your parents have agreed to let you go for the party, don't push your luck by asking them to let you stay late.’