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  • A thumbtack with a spherical or cylindrical head of colored plastic, used to fasten papers to a bulletin board or to indicate positions on charts and maps.

    ‘Insert map pins, metal tacks, and pushpins with plastic heads to create dots, stripes, and hearts.’
    • ‘They're held up by colored plastic pushpins in crowded, overlapping, random order.’
    • ‘If I need a package of pushpins, I'm likely to go anywhere that's nearby and cheap.’
    • ‘We provide the map, and other people put in the pushpins.’
    • ‘Insert clear pushpins in a circle around the middle of a 3-inch-diameter plastic-foam ball, then add rows to cover the ball.’
    • ‘Secure the liner with pushpins at the inside corners.’
    • ‘The negatives were placed side by side, attached with pushpins.’
    • ‘It's dotted with colored pushpins, each one representing a city where someone has purchased a SawStop table saw.’
    • ‘Soon the big box was sliced in half, outfitted with cardboard shelves and decorated with stickers, pushpins and photos.’
    • ‘On one wall of the gallery, Northridge pressed 100 pushpins into a tight circle.’
    • ‘The pushpins are very tight and require a punch and hammer to knock out.’
    • ‘There's a map filled with pushpins showing the hometowns of the motel's guests.’
    • ‘A washer was used around the holes to help position the pushpins for assembly.’
    • ‘Clusters of pushpins and Styrofoam cups suggested buildings or gathering armies.’
    • ‘Those pushpins have to be pushed from one side of the receiver out the other.’
    • ‘Press the fabric in place with your hands, using pushpins to temporarily hold it in place.’
    • ‘Smaller than the top of a pushpin, the LP910x family packs a big punch.’
    • ‘Secure the tieback around a pushpin in the window frame.’
    • ‘Then I learned about Google's new frappr community mapping service and thought readers of the site might want to add a pushpin to the map.’
    • ‘The pushpin color photograms are created by placing the pins directly into the photographic paper surface in the color darkroom.’



/ˈpo͝oSHˌpin/ /ˈpʊʃˌpɪn/