Definition of put (or set) spurs to in English:

put (or set) spurs to


  • Use one's spurs to urge on (a horse).

    • ‘The King and Francois put spurs to their horses and took off at a fast pace, and there was no more leisure for conversation as the rest of the party followed suit.’
    • ‘He immediately put spurs to the animal and was soon far out of the way.’
    • ‘When he saw the two still coming, the lone rider wheeled around and joined the others; then all six put spurs to their horses and were soon out of sight behind a higher ridge.’
    • ‘Holding the reins in one hand, he set spurs to the horse, crying back, ‘I'll return tomorrow by noon.’’
    • ‘The slave-hunter was badly frightened, and fearing the same marksman would draw a bead on him, he put spurs to his horse and galloped rapidly back the road he had come.’