Definition of put (or set) the record straight in English:

put (or set) the record straight


  • Give the true version of events that have been reported incorrectly.

    ‘she wanted to put the record straight and deny that she had ever been convicted’
    • ‘Wary of the way Hollywood might handle the story, he set out to create his own version and set the record straight.’
    • ‘The truth turned out to be a little different, but almost nobody who had reported the case actually set the record straight.’
    • ‘Indeed, they have done the job of true journalists: they have set the record straight.’
    • ‘I want to put the record straight: that is not true.’
    • ‘In the interest of setting the record straight, let me correct you.’
    • ‘It was about setting the record straight about something that was done without my knowledge or consent.’
    • ‘I wish it hadn't happened, but the paper has done the right thing now in setting the record straight and giving me a chance to respond.’
    • ‘What matters most is setting the record straight, and we were doing that.’
    • ‘I hope this sets the record straight and clears up any confusion over our position.’