Definition of put a lid on in English:

put a lid on

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(also put the lid on)
  • Put a stop to or be the culmination of.

    • ‘it's time to put the lid on all the talk’
    • ‘You have been very passive about something that is entirely within your control to put a lid on.’
    • ‘But now there will be no putting a lid on what will be a huge clamour for a windfall from customers who have every right to it.’
    • ‘The final decision was to put a lid on any further investigation of Jack the Ripper.’
    • ‘The demolition put a lid on the controversial excavations.’
    • ‘We can not stop proliferation any more than we can stop the advancement of technology or put a lid on individual ingenuity.’
    • ‘The authorities are putting the lid on unauthorized reception of overseas TV via satellite dishes, which number between 20,000 and 200,000.’
    • ‘By declaring her intention to spend her final 16 months doing what she should have been doing all along - resuscitating the economy, establishing peace and order, and putting a lid on corruption - she has raised high expectations.’
    • ‘With the pace of progress in that area remaining slow, investors have regarded the country's judicial institutions as lacking credibility, putting a lid on efforts to lure investors.’
    • ‘The world's central banks are jumping at any opportunity to sell the reserves in their vaults whenever the price starts to rise, effectively putting a lid on gains.’
    • ‘Our feeling is this time the administration might be more receptive, and that is probably putting a lid on prices.’
    stop, control, finish, end, put an end to, be the end of, put a stop to, put paid to, destroy
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