Definition of put away in English:

put away

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phrasal verb

  • 1put something away, put away somethingStore something in an appropriate or usual place.

    ‘the decorations were boxed up and put away for next year’
    • ‘We now have a granddaughter and we and her parents would like to put some money away for her future.’
    • ‘We are spending most of what we save within weeks of putting it away for the future.’
    • ‘They feel ‘What is the point in saving if I can get extra from the government without putting my own money away?’’
    • ‘You should decide in advance what you are saving for and how long you want to put the money away.’
    • ‘Rich retired people have taken to splashing out on themselves rather than putting their money away for their children, according to a new report.’
    • ‘Not enough people are taking professional advice or putting sufficient money away to have an adequate retirement income.’
    • ‘Once debts are under control, it is advisable to take stock of your savings, and try to put some money away regularly for a rainy day.’
    • ‘She is also trying to put some money away for university, where she hopes to study fashion.’
    • ‘The obvious thing to do therefore is try to put some money away each month into a holiday account.’
    • ‘They worked hard, and they tried to put a little money away so that their kids and their grandkids could have a better life.’
    replace, put back, return to its place, tidy away, tidy up, clear away
    1. 1.1Save money for future use.
      • ‘I put away some money every week’
      save, put aside, lay by, put by, lay aside, set aside, put to one side, reserve, keep in reserve, deposit, keep, store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache
  • 2put something away, put away something informal Consume food or drink in large quantities.

    • ‘did you see how much food he put away?’
    • ‘Having put a few drinks away, it wasn't hard to go and talk to her.’
    • ‘He looked as though he'd put a few drinks away, and his red nose suggested that that wasn't unusual for him.’
    • ‘I've managed to put away seven pints and six shots.’
    • ‘My wife managed to put away one of the desserts, while I stuck with a cappuccino.’
    • ‘I know for sure I can put away two burgers, fries, chili and a small soda easily.’
    eat, consume, devour, down, gobble up, bolt, wolf down, guzzle
  • 3put something away, put away something informal (in sports) dispatch or deal with a goal or shot.

    • ‘Dutton put away the ball for his first goal of the season’
    • ‘Their full back Piper put the goal away to give his side a three point lead.’
    • ‘A controversial goal was put away by the visitors.’
    • ‘I'll keep making those runs then eventually things will fall to me and hopefully I'll put a few goals away.’
    • ‘The goal he scored was down to our defending but he put the ball away and won United the game.’
    • ‘Wexford got two goal chances and put them away and at the end they were the scores that mattered.’
    • ‘We have to start putting the goals away and start winning.’
    • ‘He got one goal chance and he put it away with style and conviction.’
    • ‘Although they enjoyed considerable possession at this point they simply couldn't put the scores away.’
    • ‘All six Bolton penalties were put away in style.’
    • ‘Had he put it away, United would have finished a total of four points better off, Chelsea one point worse off.’
  • 4put someone away, put away someone informal Confine someone in a prison or psychiatric hospital.

    • ‘he deserves to be put away forever’
    • ‘Her husband was trying to put her away in order to get her money.’
    • ‘He was charged with three counts of robbery with violence, and three counts of attempted murder - enough to put him away forever.’
    • ‘Apparently, if you're at risk of harming yourself or someone else, you can be put away.’
    • ‘Giving evidence, the victim told the jury he had threatened to kill her or told her she would be put away.’
    • ‘How is it serving the public interest that she is put away for life?’
    • ‘I can't really tell you how to do your job Ms. Strong, but I just don't see how putting Jeremy away is going to help him.’
    • ‘How many more convictions does he have to get before the State takes this seriously and puts him away for life?’
    • ‘I still have all the evidence to put you away for a long time.’
    • ‘He added: ‘They can accuse anyone of anything and put you away for the rest of your life.’’
    • ‘For example, in Alabama simple possession of steroids can put you away for up to 10 years, while in Alaska steroids aren't even classified as a controlled substance.’
    put in prison, put behind bars, imprison, jail, lock away, lock up, shut away, shut up, incarcerate, confine
    commit, certify, section, hospitalize, institutionalize