Definition of put down in English:

put down

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phrasal verb

  • 1put something down, put down somethingStop holding something and place it on a surface or the ground.

    ‘Harry put down his cup’
    • ‘once I settled into the book I found it almost impossible to put down’
  • 2put something down, put down somethingRecord something in writing.

    ‘he's putting a few thoughts down on paper’
    • ‘It's harder for me to put it down on record because then it's clear and can be scrutinized.’
    • ‘At first, writing lectures and putting the words down on paper was quite a struggle.’
    • ‘Lobbyists are aware that it is far harder to change something once it is put down in writing than when an official is faced with a blank sheet of paper.’
    • ‘It's easy to forget that writers are readers, too, and that writing is a dual act - the act of putting the words down and the act of comprehending them both contemporaneously and after the fact.’
    • ‘Maybe if I put it down on paper, it'll make more sense to me.’
    • ‘I had spent most of last night trying to come up with something to say and I had finally put it down on a very cute piece of purple paper.’
    • ‘So I truly believe that there was that major concern, and I put it down on paper.’
    • ‘In a sense, putting a plan down on paper is forcing you to be very critical about yourself and your business.’
    • ‘But as with any scientific law, it's not codified until you put it down in writing.’
    • ‘As our greatest generation pass on, it seems more of them are putting their stories down on paper before they die.’
    • ‘Once a real plan is put down on paper, though, you can do real calculations and figure out whether it really works.’
    • ‘We have had some time to read your judgment, and I want to repeat my thanks to you for putting it down in writing.’
    • ‘When we replied that he would probably welcome that, Cole said: ‘Ask him to put any complaints down in writing and I will consider it.’’
    write down, put in writing, note down, make a note of, jot down, take down, set down, put in black and white, list, record, register, log, enter
    1. 2.1Make a recording of a piece of music.
      • ‘I'll put a load of drum loops down’
  • 3put something down, put down somethingSuppress a rebellion, riot, or other disturbance by force.

    ‘the security forces put down a coup attempt in the capital’
    • ‘That caused constant trouble for successive British governments, especially from other Commonwealth countries, who expected them to put the rebellion down by force.’
    • ‘He decided to raise an army of loyal troops so that the coup could be put down.’
    • ‘Unless the rebellion is put down quickly, and without shedding too much blood in the process, their political position could be destroyed.’
    • ‘But after the rebellion has been put down, the emperor dies, leaving a son and heir who is just nine years old.’
    • ‘Slave rebellions were put down with a ferocity which made Peterloo look like a picnic.’
    • ‘After that riot had been put down, prisoners were locked into yards.’
    • ‘When rebellions erupted, he put them down ruthlessly.’
    • ‘Within months the revolt was put down by a combined Western force.’
    • ‘Both risings were put down later in the summer, the royal forces being augmented by foreign mercenaries gathered for war against the Scots.’
    • ‘The Northern Rebellion was put down with liberal use of torture, hanging and decapitation.’
    suppress, put an end to, crush, quash, quell, overthrow, stamp out, squash, repress, check, subdue
  • 4put something down, put down somethingEnter someone's name on a list as wishing to do, join, or subscribe to something.

    ‘he put his name down to stand for the Green party’
    • ‘he put his son down for Eton’
  • 5put someone or something down, put down someone or somethingConsider someone or something to be of a particular type or to have a particular cause.

    ‘his achievement was put down to luck’
    • ‘if I forget anything, put it down to old age’
    • ‘I'd have put you down as a Stones fan’
    • ‘I would put you down as a strong girl, who knows her mind and knows how to do things.’
    • ‘I'd always put her down as someone whose bite was every bit as bad, and probably worse, than her bark.’
    • ‘I would never put him down as someone who could kill another human being.’
    consider, look on, view, see, hold, think, think of, contemplate, count, judge, deem, estimate, evaluate, interpret, appraise, assess, make of, find, put down as, take for, account, reckon, treat, adjudge, size up, value, rate, gauge, sum up, weigh up
  • 6put something down, put down somethingPay a specified sum as a deposit.

    ‘he put a thousand down and paid the rest over six months’
    • ‘Last week Jerry put his winnings down as a deposit on a new lorry.’
    • ‘Maybe I will buy some new clothes and put a deposit down on a laptop computer.’
    • ‘‘People are buying straight off the plans now, they're putting their booking deposit down and are probably signing contracts straight away,’ she said.’
    • ‘Aussies with enough money are already putting deposits down for a vehicle which will not be available for several years.’
    • ‘Decide things early, and put deposits down on things as soon as you can.’
    • ‘If you've got the money, put a deposit down now - there's a two year waiting list!’
    • ‘Neither one of us has anywhere close to the money needed to even put a security deposit down on a place.’
    put down, put, set, set down, lay down, deposit, position, plant, rest, stand, sit, settle, station, situate, leave, stow, prop, lean
  • 7put something down, put down somethingKill an animal because it is sick, injured, or old.

    ‘the horse's condition deteriorated and he was put down’
    • ‘Sick, injured and aggressive animals will be put down.’
    • ‘He finds it difficult to put the animals down, but says there is no alternative, especially when there is not enough food for them all.’
    • ‘Their conditions were so bad, vets later had to put the animals down.’
    • ‘Healthy animals are put down because we simply can't find homes for them - and more and more come in everyday.’
    • ‘The animal was taken to a vet who decided to put it down.’
    • ‘Her beloved dog had been put down only days earlier.’
    • ‘One sad postscript to the race came when a horse was put down after suffering a serious spinal injury.’
    • ‘The horse was put down after suffering a serious injury to a hind leg during the De Vere Gold Cup at Haydock on Saturday.’
    • ‘Animal Shelters are overcrowded and forced to put animals down due to lack of space.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a local vet was called to the scene to assess the severity of the animal's condition and was forced to put the animal down.’
    destroy, put to sleep, put out of its misery, put to death, kill
  • 8put someone down, put down someone informal Criticize someone.

    • ‘he put me down in front of my own employees’
    • ‘stop putting yourself down’
    • ‘They don't tend to play practical jokes, or engage in humor that humiliates or puts somebody down.’
    • ‘Why was this man so determined to belittle him, and put him down, at every chance?’
    • ‘If your critic has only said it to put you down, this makes you bigger than him.’
    • ‘But Michael was constantly putting her down, and seemed to enjoy humiliating her, finding fault with everything.’
    • ‘Because people didn't feel good about themselves, they would always be putting you down.’
    • ‘Some people try to puff themselves up by putting you down.’
    • ‘We fear that someone talking in another language is talking about us, putting us down.’
    • ‘If she's volatile, puts you down or insists on having her way, she's not a good candidate for best friend material.’
    • ‘A friend will never put you down or make you feel alone’
    • ‘The only way they can feel good is to put you down.’
    criticize, belittle, disparage, deprecate, denigrate, take down a peg or two, slight, humiliate, show up, mortify, shame, crush, squash, deflate
  • 9put something down, put down somethingPreserve or store food or wine for future use.

    ‘I put down twelve quarts of pickles’
    • ‘the claret was put down for aging’
    • ‘I'd put the wine down for 4-5 years and drink it over the following 5 years.’
    • ‘Maybe I should put a bottle of this down for three more years and then taste it.’
    • ‘Not only do they grow large gardens and put food down for winter, but they work just as long hours at day jobs.’
    keep, keep in reserve, stow, stockpile, lay aside, lay in, set aside, put away, put down, put to one side, deposit, save, hoard, cache
  • 10also put something down, put down somethingLand an aircraft.

    ‘the pilot had to put down in a field’
    • ‘Shelton put the plane safely down on a taxiway’
    • ‘So now we had to plan our landing and, after the runway opened, plan to put the aircraft down.’
    • ‘General Porter summoned every bit of his airmanship to put the craft back down safely on friendly territory - and he did.’
    • ‘You have to wonder where, in all that welter of rock up ahead, the pilot will be able to find a comfortable pocket in which to put his aircraft down.’
    • ‘If we had not seen the ship then, we would have put the aircraft down in the water.’
    • ‘Yesterday's crash landing echoed an engine problem back in May which caused him to put the aircraft down in a remote paddock on Lagoon Farm.’
    • ‘Cooper put the plane down in the desert which inflicted heavy damage.’
    • ‘Therefore, the captain of the accident airplane elected to put the airplane down on a grass area adjacent to the runway.’
    • ‘With the gear up, I know if something goes wrong I can put the airplane down on the end of the runway or off the runway without the fear of the plane turning over and burning.’
    • ‘With her two children on board and oil streaming over the windshield, Margie searched the mountains for a place to put the airplane down.’
    • ‘He circled over the landing site once before putting the plane down between two bridges.’
  • 11put someone down, put down someoneLay a baby down to sleep.

    ‘she went off very quickly when I put her down’
    • ‘He was a healthy, hearty, happy baby and she had no reason to be worried when she put him down to go to sleep that day.’
    • ‘I wasn't scared at first about becoming a mum, but as the months went on I started to worry about things like bathing her and putting her down to sleep properly.’
    • ‘Katie put Julie down to sleep and then went over to the dining room table so that she could do her homework and still be able to watch the kids.’
    • ‘Erin came to fetch the baby and put her down in the nursery.’
    • ‘If you want her to learn to settle herself, it's best to try to put her down before she nods off.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes later lunch was cleaned up and the children were put down to rest.’
    • ‘My wife usually puts her down, and they recount the day and say what they're grateful for.’
    • ‘I love that you hug me tightly before I put you down for naps.’
    • ‘If you have very young children, it is great to be able to put them down for a nap in a completely separate room.’
    • ‘He had already fed the girls and put them down for the night when she got back from work.’
    • ‘I read to Franklin and put him down for the night, promising to check on him later (thanks for the idea Kyle, it works like a charm).’