Definition of put on (or lose) weight in English:

put on (or lose) weight


  • Become fatter (or thinner).

    • ‘The thing is, racehorses can lose weight and put on weight very quickly.’
    • ‘Most people who have weight problems can lose weight, indeed have already done so.’
    • ‘I will not in any way encourage anyone to lose weight or put on weight.’
    • ‘Another interesting fact was that a member of our party who has trouble with weight lost weight during the trip as well.’
    • ‘She's lost weight, put it on, lost weight, put it on, lost weight, put it on.’
    • ‘Sure, I could lose weight, I have been losing weight but I'm left with horrid empty hanging skin.’
    • ‘Unless he loses weight then he will have all those health problems long-term, so it's vital.’
    • ‘Jones waited to see how much weight she would gain, but lost weight instead.’
    • ‘If your child is not gaining weight as expected or is losing weight, talk to your child's doctor.’
    • ‘The stomach is the first place we usually put on weight and often a difficult place to lose weight.’
    • ‘Bella said: ‘He was putting on weight so fast, faster than other babies.’’
    • ‘No one will tell you you're putting on weight (but they'll tell you if you lose it!’
    • ‘He said: ‘Women in particular tend to be worried about putting on weight.’’
    • ‘We're just pleased that he's putting on weight and is feeling so good.’
    • ‘She is slowly putting on weight now and hopefully she can lead a normal life.’
    • ‘She suffered for her craft by putting on weight, shaving her eyebrows and wearing tons of unflattering makeup.’
    • ‘He's been feeding well and putting on weight and is now the right size for a newborn baby.’
    • ‘Apparently these women in New York are getting pregnant, but the only thing they are thinking about is themselves, and whether they are putting on weight.’
    • ‘She points out that after the age of 35, many start putting on weight because of decreased metabolism and so walking is the best way to burn off the calories.’
    • ‘But now he is putting on weight and he has been discharged by the consultants.’
    put on weight, gain weight, get heavier, grow fat, grow fatter, fatten up, get fat, fill out