Definition of put someone down in English:

put someone down

phrasal verb

  • 1informal Lower someone's self-esteem by criticizing them in front of others.

    ‘he put me down in front of my own employees’
    ‘stop putting yourself down’
    • ‘They don't tend to play practical jokes, or engage in humor that humiliates or puts somebody down.’
    • ‘Why was this man so determined to belittle him, and put him down, at every chance?’
    • ‘If your critic has only said it to put you down, this makes you bigger than him.’
    • ‘But Michael was constantly putting her down, and seemed to enjoy humiliating her, finding fault with everything.’
    • ‘Because people didn't feel good about themselves, they would always be putting you down.’
    • ‘Some people try to puff themselves up by putting you down.’
    • ‘We fear that someone talking in another language is talking about us, putting us down.’
    • ‘If she's volatile, puts you down or insists on having her way, she's not a good candidate for best friend material.’
    • ‘A friend will never put you down or make you feel alone’
    • ‘The only way they can feel good is to put you down.’
    criticize, belittle, disparage, deprecate, denigrate, take down a peg or two, slight, humiliate, show up, mortify, shame, crush, squash, deflate
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  • 2British Lay a baby down to sleep.

    • ‘He was a healthy, hearty, happy baby and she had no reason to be worried when she put him down to go to sleep that day.’
    • ‘I wasn't scared at first about becoming a mum, but as the months went on I started to worry about things like bathing her and putting her down to sleep properly.’
    • ‘Katie put Julie down to sleep and then went over to the dining room table so that she could do her homework and still be able to watch the kids.’
    • ‘Erin came to fetch the baby and put her down in the nursery.’
    • ‘If you want her to learn to settle herself, it's best to try to put her down before she nods off.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes later lunch was cleaned up and the children were put down to rest.’
    • ‘My wife usually puts her down, and they recount the day and say what they're grateful for.’
    • ‘I love that you hug me tightly before I put you down for naps.’
    • ‘If you have very young children, it is great to be able to put them down for a nap in a completely separate room.’
    • ‘He had already fed the girls and put them down for the night when she got back from work.’
    • ‘I read to Franklin and put him down for the night, promising to check on him later (thanks for the idea Kyle, it works like a charm).’