Definition of putrescible in English:


Pronunciation /pyo͞oˈtresəbəl/ /pjuˈtrɛsəbəl/


  • Liable to decay; subject to putrefaction.

    ‘putrescible domestic waste’
    • ‘Flammable gases, eg methane, may be produced on sites formerly used for the disposal of domestic waste or other putrescible materials.’
    • ‘The levy, payable by landfill site operators, was initially set at £2t - 1 for inert waste and £7t - 1 for putrescible waste, and raised £420m in its first year.’
    • ‘Tipping rights are the right to bring on to the land what I think is described as putrescible waste.’
    • ‘The process apparently neutralises the putrescible element of the waste and leaves it in a state where it can be disposed of more readily.’
    • ‘However, what we do with our putrescible waste, and special waste comprising everyday household materials remains unanswered.’
    • ‘The putrescible landfill materials have also been shown to be generating landfill gas in significant quantities.’
    • ‘Rubbish bins will only pong if putrescible materials are put in.’
    • ‘The availability of canteen meals reduced the amount of vegetable and putrescible matter in the dustbin.’


usually putrescibles
  • Something that is liable to decay.

    ‘The average UK bin is made up of roughly 30% paper and card, 10% glass, 20% putrescibles, 10% plastics and another 10% metals.’



/pyo͞oˈtresəbəl/ /pjuˈtrɛsəbəl/