Definition of putrescine in English:


Pronunciation /pyo͞oˈtresēn/ /pjuˈtrɛsin/


  • An oily amine formed from arginine during putrefaction.

    Alternative name: 1,4-diaminobutane; chemical formula: C₄H₁₂N₂

    ‘In plants, putrescine is also produced through an alternative arginine decarboxylase pathway.’
    • ‘A safe dose is up to 400 milligrams of putrescine per day.’
    • ‘It has been observed at 1063 cm-' for both spermidine and putrescine.’
    • ‘The noxious gases putrescine and cadaverine get on your clothes too.’
    • ‘However, Lefevre et al. found an ion-specific increase in putrescine and tyramine concentrations.’