Definition of putt in English:


Pronunciation /pət/

intransitive verbputts, putting, putted

[no object]
  • Try to hit a golf ball into the hole by striking it gently so that it rolls across the green.

    ‘Nicklaus putted for eagle on 11 of the 16 par 5s’
    with object ‘putt the balls into the hole’
    • ‘The player must try to remember what it felt like when he putted well.’
    • ‘To win you have to be able to putt well for the whole week.’
    • ‘Golf has undergone revolutionary changes since John Reid putted his first ball in 1779.’
    • ‘When I putted for par, I heard the echo of the ball bouncing off the sides of the cup.’
    • ‘Golfers of various handicaps were asked to putt on the greens and choose the faster green.’


  • A gentle stroke that hits a golf ball across the green towards the hole.

    ‘he hit a four-iron to 20 ft and holed the putt’
    ‘a three-foot putt’
    • ‘So before a round, always practice long putts, stroking the ball the length or width of the practice green.’
    • ‘In Fitsum's case, his jabby stroke caused him to hit putts well past the hole.’
    • ‘Focus on swinging back and through the same amount, lengthening your stroke as the putts get longer.’
    • ‘Gina had no problem getting her putts to the hole, which is a rare accomplishment for a new golfer.’
    • ‘His chip was a little too tentative, but to his relief he holed that putt too for another par.’


Mid 17th century (originally Scots): differentiated from put.