Definition of puttanesca in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpo͝otəˈneskə/ /ˌpʊtəˈnɛskə/ /ˈpo͞otəˌneskə/ /ˈputəˌnɛskə/ /ˈpo͞otnˌeskə/ /ˈputnˌɛskə/ /po͝otəˌneskə/ /pʊtəˌnɛskə/


usually postpositive
  • Denoting a pasta sauce typically including tomatoes, garlic, olives, and anchovies.

    ‘pasta puttanesca’
    • ‘I had a pizza puttanesca with anchovies, olives (with pips) and cherry tomatoes.’
    • ‘That night we were having puttanesca, a spicy pasta dish that everyone should try at least once in their life.’
    • ‘And lunch was a crispy salad with pasta puttanesca and crusty garlicky bread - all fabulous.’
    • ‘Calamari pizza, blackened tuna Caesar salad, shrimp puttanesca - whatever your seafood craving, the nation's restaurants are likely to have it.’
    • ‘As adults, we think of restraint at the table as not having that third helping of pasta puttanesca.’
    • ‘Also I made pasta puttanesca for dinner and it was delicious.’
    • ‘Over red wine and pasta puttanesca, the three talked strategy.’
    • ‘The menu here basically consists of around 16 kinds of sauces including tomato, rose, pesto, carbonara and puttanesca.’
    • ‘On a good day, I can cook a puttanesca in 12 minutes, and clean up will be 5-7.’
    • ‘But if I had to choose one, I'd say puttanesca, because it's one of a few recipes that I've committed to memory.’
    • ‘The main course has delights such as chicken puttanesca.’


Italian, from puttana ‘prostitute’ (the sauce is said to have been devised by prostitutes as one which could be cooked quickly between clients' visits).