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putting green

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  • A smooth area of short grass surrounding a hole, either as part of a golf course or as a separate area for putting.

    ‘Rulewich also added five new holes, a practice putting green and a short game practice area.’
    • ‘A 16-by 48-inch grid has proven its effectiveness on heavily trafficked turf areas such as putting greens and sports fields.’
    • ‘There are 27 holes of golf, a driving range, a putting green, and other golf facilities.’
    • ‘Neighborhood kids use the range, putting green, short-game area and clubhouse for $2 a visit.’
    • ‘I heeled the shot and hit a line drive through the fence and into the putting green area.’
    • ‘They were in place of long evenings, the light fading as I putt on the worn barely live grass of the putting green.’
    • ‘The facilities encompass a putting green, a driving range, and a 2,900-square-foot clubhouse with a snack bar.’
    • ‘One by one, they retreated to the edge of the putting green, sat on the grass and watched the master at work.’
    • ‘I go over to the first tee, to the putting green there, and wait for him to come by.’
    • ‘After that, I head back to the putting green, where I'll putt for another 10 or 15 minutes until it's time to tee off.’
    • ‘The practice fairway, as groomed as a putting green, fans out toward a distant hummocky hill and trees far beyond.’
    • ‘The golf range also boasts a 600-square-metre putting green and separate chipping area, with a practice bunker.’
    • ‘We started on the practice putting green, first showing this new golfer how to grip the putter and align herself to the target.’
    • ‘The putting greens also had a feature I had never encountered in golf on five continents: anthills.’
    • ‘I got more out of those nights on the putting green than I ever did on the practice tee in broad daylight.’
    • ‘Invitees will be able to try the gamut of wares at hitting bays, a short game area as well as a putting green.’
    • ‘Haines has also applied porous ceramic technology to putting greens.’
    • ‘At a PGA Tour event this past spring, the physiotherapy trailer practically abutted the practice putting green.’
    • ‘And all he does is try to ‘draw’ a straight line on the putting green on the back and forward strokes.’
    • ‘A ball is on the putting green when any part of it touches the green itself.’


putting green

/ˈpədiNG ˌɡrēn/ /ˈpədɪŋ ˌɡrin/