Definition of pycnocline in English:



  • A layer in an ocean or other body of water in which water density increases rapidly with depth.

    ‘Deployments of the HRS and measurements of microscale turbulence were made simultaneously in the mixed surface layer, the pycnocline, and the DCM.’
    • ‘Saline and warm Mediterranean water flowing through the Bosporus Strait maintains a permanent pycnocline.’
    • ‘The polar regions are the only places where deep waters are ever exposed to the atmosphere because the pycnocline is not always present.’
    • ‘Bezys and Risk suggested that the black shales and mudstone facies were the results of a stratified water column with a pycnocline.’
    • ‘Specifically, more oceanographic research in Hudson Bay, particularly documenting pycnocline development, is needed.’



/ˈpiknəˌklīn/ /ˈpɪknəˌklaɪn/


1950s from Greek puknos ‘thick’+ cline.