Definition of pyramidal in English:



  • 1Resembling a pyramid in shape.

    • ‘At the head of the Wright Valley the pyramidal shape of Mt. Fleming loomed above the Dry Valleys.’
    • ‘That mountain, running with springs, is basically pyramidal and shaped and notched in the center.’
    • ‘In another painting, Sooner or Later, the letters in ‘sooner’ are arranged in a pyramidal shape topped by an eye.’
    • ‘Its pyramidal shape and infinite extensiveness make it suitable for Denas's pyramid of thousands of figures.’
    • ‘It has a unique pyramidal shape that's half as wide as it is tall.’
    • ‘The Southern magnolia's natural shape is pyramidal with limbs to the ground.’
    • ‘Trees with this form have a strong central stem and pyramidal shape.’
    • ‘A pencil drawing on graph paper, this is an arrangement of handwritten words that form a pyramidal shape.’
    • ‘This is the pyramidal shape that defines what the viewer can see, or the field of view, with the point starting at the eyes.’
    • ‘An adaptation of the pillar is the teepee, a combination of three or four pillars joined at the top to form a pyramidal shape.’
    • ‘Lightly prune young magnolias after they flower to encourage a pyramidal shape.’
    • ‘The tree's handsome pyramidal shape has a somewhat unusual branch structure.’
    • ‘The atoms are arranged in a four-faced pyramidal structure (the tetrahedron) with the silicon atom in the center.’
    • ‘They are pyramidal in shape and weigh about 4 g each.’
    • ‘They are usually grown in curled, spiral, pyramidal, circular and zigzag shapes.’
    • ‘Characteristically, they feature pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built up of corbeled limestone slabs.’
    • ‘Several intact tombs have been discovered as well as the remains of five pyramidal platforms.’
    • ‘These show the clarity and the pyramidal composition for which he was renowned.’
    • ‘Gadolinite typically occurs as long slender prisms with pyramidal terminations and diamond-shaped cross sections.’
    • ‘The structure of the ammonia molecule is best described as pyramidal.’
  • 2Anatomy Medicine
    Relating to or denoting a tract of motor nerves within the pyramid of the medulla oblongata.

    • ‘There is no sensory loss or involvement of the pyramidal tracts.’
    • ‘In general, in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex, large pyramidal neurons exhibited the greatest degree of intracellular staining.’
    • ‘Examination showed pyramidal signs in both legs and weakness in left hip flexion.’
    • ‘He saw the elegant pyramidal cells of the cerebral cortex, the chunky interneurons of the spinal cord.’
    • ‘In the brain, stimulants stunt the growth of spiny neurons in the nucleus accumbens and pyramidal cells in the parietal cortex.’