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(also pyrites)
  • A shiny yellow mineral consisting of iron disulfide and typically occurring as intersecting cubic crystals.

    Also called fool's gold

    ‘In terms of finance alone, last night was the difference between digging gold or iron pyrites.’
    • ‘The mordenite is associated with a hemispherical form of pale yellow calcite and cubic pyrite.’
    • ‘Many conclude that because pyrite is cubic, pyrrhotite must be hexagonal, as it often appears.’
    • ‘The assemblage present included quartz, chalcopyrite, pyrite, sphalerite, magnetite, and hematite.’
    • ‘Chalcopyrite is occasionally found in the manto orebodies as small crystals on sphalerite and pyrite.’



/ˈpīˌrīt/ /ˈpaɪˌraɪt/


Late Middle English (denoting a mineral used for kindling fire): via Latin from Greek puritēs ‘of fire’, from pur ‘fire’.