Definition of pyromorphite in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpīrəˈmôrˌfīt/ /ˌpaɪrəˈmɔrˌfaɪt/


  • A mineral consisting of a chloride and phosphate of lead, typically occurring as green, yellow, or brown crystals in the oxidized zones of lead deposits.

    • ‘The result can be some of our most spectacular minerals, including azurite, malachite, smithsonite, wulfenite, pyromorphite, and mimetite.’
    • ‘Although anglesite and cerussite are found at Loudville, the two most sought-after minerals are pyromorphite and wulfenite.’
    • ‘I found two pieces of very interesting brown pyromorphite, almost like Ems Nassau, but of course much smaller.’
    • ‘The pyromorphite boulder was acquired by Harvard after a call by Francis to Marshall, who said, ‘Buy it!’’


Early 19th century from pyro-‘fire, heat’ + Greek morphē ‘form’+ -ite.



/ˌpīrəˈmôrˌfīt/ /ˌpaɪrəˈmɔrˌfaɪt/