Definition of pyrosmalite in English:


Pronunciation /pʌɪˈrɒzməlʌɪt/


  • A silicate mineral containing varying amounts of ferrous iron and manganese, occurring as dark green or brown crystals which give off a strong odour of chlorine when heated.

    Pyrosmalite is a hydroxide, chloride, and silicate of iron and manganese, (Fe,Mn)₈Si₆O₁₅(OH,Cl)₁₀. Crystal system: hexagonal.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in Robert Jameson (1774–1854), geologist and natural historian. From pyro- + ancient Greek (Attic) ὀσμή smell + -ite, after German Pyrosmalith, alteration, after ancient Greek (Attic) ὀσμή smell, of Pirodmalit from piro- + ancient Greek ὀδμαλέος strong-smelling, stinking (from (non-Attic) ὀδμή smell + -αλέος, suffix forming adjectives) + German -it.